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PrefsCleaner is a little Classic MacOS utility that removes "orphaned" preferences files (i.e. preferences files for which the application or whatever created them, can't be be found anymore on any of the mounted volumes) from the System Folder.

Orphaned preferences files can be moved to the Trash folder, enabling you to undo any mistakes.


This application was written when a 40MB (yes, that is Megabyte!) hard disk was still considered large, and when every free byte counted. In that sense, the application became obsolete years ago so I don't see why anybody in his right mind would want to download it. Nevertheless, here is a copy of the original binhex stuffit archive:

(37K) for Classic MacOS

Important note: My address information in the accompanying document is no longer up-to-date.

By the way, I also would like to thank all the honest people that took the time to register the application and to pay the Shareware Fee.

Known Bugs

Bug Workaroud
The application may run out of memory Increase the memory allocation in the "Get Info" window.
Inappropriate files are deleted Do not use the "autodelete" option.
The application may hang on network volumes Disconnect all network volumes before running the application, or select the "System Volume"-only option in the Preferences dialog.